Guide to Auto Collision Repairs 


There is not a day that accidents don’t occur.  Anyone can be involved in a car accident, anywhere, and any time of the day or night.  Sometime you cannot avoid a car accident and when it happens it is such an unfortunate event.  When you go out on the road each day, you will find many cars plying the streets.  Many are distracted by phone calls, texting, lack of sleep, bad weather and other factors that can lead to a car accident.  With these distractions, car accidents become unavoidable and inevitable.

Fortuntately, most car accidents are relatively minor with very few injuries.  The sad things is that even a minor accident can do great damages to your car both internally and externally.  Doors and fenders are very susceptible to damage.  It is absolutely necessary to have your car repaired after a collision.

Most cars have insurance policies that let the insurance company pay for the repairs and damages sustained by your car.  Before choosing an auto collision repair service, you need to consider some important things.  If you take this step then you will be assured that you car will be repaired properly.

The body repair shops that Cypress collision repair companies refer you to are the companies that they work with.  But, you have the option to choose who repairs your car.  If you go to the collision repair shops recommended by your insurance company, you will find that most of them are reputable and give high quality repair services.  You still have to be careful in choosing one since there are also bad eggs in the industry who cut corners to boast that they services are cheaper and faster.

One important thing to determine is what kind of replacement parts the company uses.  Many body shops use new original parts.   But there are companies that use aftermarket or used parts.

If the used part is made by the same manufacturer then they can still perform well in your car, but don’t allow them to put aftermarket part because these are just cheap imitations.  Aftermarket parts are of inferior quality to original parts and they can easily cause problems to your car.  When you use them in your car, they usually rattle, corrode and diminish you car’s value.

Paint match is very important to consider during Cypress paintless dent repair.  it doesn’t look good  for a car to have some parts that does not match the original color of the car.  Matching a newly painted body panel to your car can be quite difficult.  There can be a very obvious difference in color and shade in some instances.

Ask the shop which panels were painted and which are original.  To check, you need to step back away from your car and try to see if there is any difference.  If you see a difference, you may need to ask for some extra paint work for a better match.


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